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Seminar sustainable building in Municipal Office Groningen


Sustainable building compels conscious and often difficult choices in design and implementation.
The essential question is: what is the optimum for sustainable building with concrete? The carbon footprint of production and performance alone is not everything. ervice life is at least as important, flexibility and reuse potential no less. What does the dashboard for sustainable concrete look like? What are the latest developments?

How does thermal activation of the concrete structure add to an energy efficient building, or even an energy-producing building ? How to integrate architecture, installations and construction in an optimal way. What are the costs and benefits? And how does it benefit the user?

These and many other questions are addressed in the seminar series Sustainable Building with Concrete. These are regional meetings, small and interactive and concise. Always an inspiring location, and close to the practice of designers, consultants and builders.

The fourth edition will take place on April 9, 2014 in the new office building of the Municipality of Groningen, Harm Buiterplein. Architecture , construction and installations are intelligently integrated in this building and guarantee an exemplary sustainability performance. The chosen solutions will be explained by project architect Kees Stoffels of MVSA Architects, followed by a tour of the building.

For more information and participation please visit the site of Cement&BetonCentrum

Seminar sustainable building in Municipal Office Groningen