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Shoebaloo Store Maastricht

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Shoebaloo Store Maastricht


Hidden behind a historic façade in Maastricht, the designers created an Aladdin’s

cave for the luxury shoe brand Shoebaloo. The challenge was to respect the context, a well-preserved medieval street while creating the kind of high-impact environment that reflects the brand. The solution was to sculpt a spectacular interior landscape, keeping it largely concealed from the street.

While the building’s historic exterior remains unchanged, the interior space has

become a hidden world. Nature, especially the rugged forms of canyons, was the

inspiration. The designers created an Aladdin’s cave experience, with undulating

walls built up in geological layers. The entire interior is based on sinuous horizontal lines that protrude and recede to create a seamless three-dimensional effect.

Relatively low-level lighting makes for a mysterious atmosphere, while the polished aluminium finish adds reflection and sparkle, helping create the illusion of a bigger space. While the walls gleam, the shoes stand on matte displays: deep-blue platforms covered in artificial suede, a perfect surface for the product display and one that contrasts beautifully with the shiny, sinuous elements.

The space is divided into two elliptical areas in the front and back, which flow smoothly into each other. An integrated cash desk is placed between them.

Thanks to the variations in the depth of the linear design, the designers were able to effortlessly incorporate the sales counter, a display case for bags and accessories, and the seating elements, maximizing the compact area of the store. The windows contain two elliptical openings, which are angled so as to provide a subtle and shifting view of the interior, while also showcasing the products at the forefront. The store environment reflects the brand’s values, using a luxurious high-end design with an element of surprise. The space presents a premium product, creating a novel and fun experience for customers.

Shoebaloo Store Maastricht