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Our design for Kop Zuidas, on the edge of Amsterdam’s burgeoning Zuidas business district, was inspired by the threefold view from the location. The site offers perspectives on the surrounding Zuidas area with its mix of green parks and high rises, and the River Amstel and Amsterdam city centre slightly further afield. These three views seemed to call for a corresponding approach. Our triangular towers therefore form an omnidirectional solution taking in every angle – and presenting an intriguing sculptural composition from wherever they are seen.



Building surface
60.000 m2



Glass and greenery

Returning to the A10 ring road where our ING House is sited, our scheme for Kop Zuidas emphasizes the boundary nature of the location. On the north side of the road, the site straddles the edge of Zuidas, Amsterdam’s prominent business area, and the Zuid residential neighbourhood that flows into the rest of the city. We felt that the location called for a spectacular statement, one able to link business with nature and the everyday life of the people living nearby. Glass would maximize the views and add transparency, connecting people inside and outside the building, while lush interior gardens would reflect the nearby Beatrix Park and Zorgvlied green areas.

The wider view

Two of the three towers are linked to each other not only by their geometrical rhythm, but by a shared atrium. The third tower is positioned slightly further into the park. The main features of the towers are the soaring atria in various locations on the upper floors, opening the buildings up to dramatic perspectives. Meeting rooms are placed high up in the building, allowing the occupants to get together over inspiring panoramic views of the city.

Transparently extrovert

Because of the leafy nature of Zuidas and plans to extend the greenery, we decided to open up the base of the towers. The extensive glass façades on the ground floor give uninterrupted views of the plants and trees as well as the people outside. They reveal the inner life of the building to those outside, effectively making it part of the local street scene. The gardens surrounding the building flow inside, creating a high-quality urban space with a small footprint. The transparent and extrovert nature of the building is continued on the upper floors, with large atria bringing views of the nearby parks inside, while adding their own interior greenery. The busy A10 outside is barely noticeable.

Crowning Zuidas

Zuidas, located on Amsterdam’s southern axis, is one of the city’s most flourishing business areas. As such, it is already home to some interesting buildings by Toyo Ito, Ben van Berkel and others – not to mention our own ING House, which marks the beginning of Zuidas on the other side of the road. On the edge of the district, our development crowns the Zuidas with three gleaming, geometric towers, dynamically relating to each other and to their environment. In the context of the ambitious large-scale development of the area, the towers add a high-impact statement and form a spectacular and symbolic gateway connecting business, nature, the city and its people.

Project credits

  • Project title
  • Kop Zuidas
  • Design approach
  • A trio of shimmering glass towers forms a dynamic, sculptural and extrovert icon for Amsterdam’s Zuidas business district.
  • Solutions
  • Offices
  • Expertise
  • Architecture
  • Master planning
  • Status
  • Concept
  • Building surface
  • 60.000 m2
  • Country
  • The Netherlands
  • City
  • Amsterdam
  • Start project
  • 2009
  • Client
  • COD

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