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For Manilla’s old, historical city centre, our goal is to raise the building density by using high-rise concepts. Clusters of buildings providing a wide range of facilities and amenities will be consolidated under one roof. These include offices, hotels, homes and a shopping centre covering a total floor area of approximately 500,000 m². We will help to create a new open living environment and improve the quality of the local cityscape. MVSA is responsible for the design of this sweeping master plan


City of Manilla

Building surface
500.000 m2

Master planning

New City Centre

The master plan forms a crucial link between two large mobility hubs in the old city of Manilla, where parallels can be drawn with larger European cities. This is why we included provisions for wider streets so that it would be possible to create new boulevards and avenues in the future. This is comparable to Haussmann’s intervention in Paris in the years from 1850 to 1870. Our master plan for old Manilla creates a new city centre in which the historical main prison building will be conserved and restored.

Local Services

Manilla’s old centre has a rich history, bearing the legacy of Spanish colonial rule. Approximately five thousand people live in the area, alongside a prison and a hospital. Alternative locations will be found for these important local services.

Local Climate

Sustainability plays a very important role in the master plan’s design and will ultimately shape the buildings’ architecture. The local climate will largely determine what measures will be implemented.

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