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Our draft design for the new Saint-Denis Pleyel station – situated in a suburb in the north of Paris – aimed to unite the neighbourhoods lying to the west and east of the Paris-Nord–Lille rail connection. The Saint-Denis Pleyel district’s potential demanded an original approach and a multi-purpose design.

Paris Saint-Denis

City of Paris Saint-Denis

Building surface
11.0000 m2



The station has been arranged around a large central atrium, which allows plenty of daylight to enter. Around this atrium are the station’s various facilities and amenities. The atrium has been designed based on a Möbius strip – a spatial concept with only one edge and one surface. Passengers are thus guided through the building in a single fluid motion. From the main entrance hall and lower-lying subway station platforms, passengers and visitors can ascend to the higher levels connected to the elevated walkway that spans the railway tracks. From here, they can ascend farther still, ultimately emerging in the public roof gardens. Visitors can enjoy the spectacular views over the tracks and Saint-Denis Pleyel before returning to the public square at street level.

Public building

The Saint-Denis Pleyel station is a public building where hundreds of people come and go and cross paths every single day. We therefore viewed the building as a natural extension of surrounding public spaces. Our new design incorporated lines of sight and thoroughfares from outdoor areas that guided passengers and visitors to and from the building’s facilities and amenities in a logical and natural fashion.

Multimedia Library

An unusual element of this public area is the multimedia library that our client requested be given a prominent and central role. Saint-Denis Pleyel is a popular district among multimedia companies. Over the past few decades, they have been relocating to this Parisian suburb in large numbers, which was why the station should become a hotspot for the media industry. By including this public amenity, we accentuated the building’s open character and established a closer connection to the Saint-Denis Pleyel district.

Project credits

  • Project title
  • Gare Paris Saint Denis Pleyel
  • Solutions
  • Infrastructure
  • Expertise
  • Architecture
  • Status
  • Concept
  • Building surface
  • 11.0000 m2
  • Country
  • Frankrijk
  • City
  • Paris Saint-Denis
  • Start project
  • 2014
  • Client
  • City of Paris Saint-Denis

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