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Our scheme for Postcode Lotterij’s office renovation was a walk in the park – quite literally. That was the concept we arrived at when visiting the location, which is opposite the lovely Beatrix Park in a pleasantly leafy part of town. The setting inspired us to green the building, adding copious amounts of plants to its balconies and rooftop. We topped it all off with three giant arum lilies which incorporate various functions and lend the project a surreal beauty.


Nationale Postcode Loterij Nederland

Building surface
10617 m2


Park life

Our goal was to transform the existing building in sustainable way and to create an informal and accessible space that would inspire both the lottery organisation’s employees and members of the local community. Bringing the Beatrix Park into the building, we designed a green roof with a Sky Bar which, like the ground-floor patio gardens and restaurant and rooftop sports facilities, is open to the public. Other unexpected features expand on the usually narrow activities of an office, including an open-air theatre (the entrance is via one of the lilies) and a ground-floor recording studio.

Flower power

The arum lilies on the roof, constructed from Corian, serve several functions. Together, they form a roof, transforming the courtyard of the existing building into a covered space where people can meet whatever the weather. One of the lilies forms an outdoor theatre, while another contains photovoltaic cells to help meet the building’s energy needs. All of the flowers collect rainwater, for use as grey water. Their form channels air into the building for ventilation, and in winter they reflect sunlight deep into the interior. The atrium they form serves as a buffer zone, reducing energy loss, and their stalks serve as the structure for the stairs, which link the floors together in the newly covered courtyard.

Adding natural and organic routing subverted the orthogonal structure of the building

Forest paths

We decide to treat the circulation in the building as a winding woodland path. By adding this natural and organic routing to the office floors, we subverted the orthogonal structure of the building. Placing the furniture off-grid prevents the feeling of endlessly long, straight corridors and allows surprising and playful spaces to emerge.

Crystal clear

Transparency is the key to integrating the green building within its green environment. Glass façades maximise views and daylight, while blinds (for the east-west) and awnings (for the south) provide essential sun protection and help to filter the light. For the meeting rooms, we created glass boxes that are pushed outside the façade and adorned with plant life.

Colour codes

Using different colour palettes in the open office environment enables easy, intuitive recognition of the various departments and achieves unity through diversity. In the interests of flexibility, natural materials like wood, concrete, and greenery are used for the fixed interior elements such as the open staircase, atrium, elevator cores and pantries, while colour is supplied by the unfixed interior elements, including furniture.

Creative cohesion

We distributed the various office functions – workplaces, informal consultation spaces, formal consultation spaces, brainstorming rooms, presentation rooms – across the various levels to create a dynamic whole, Combined with an open and transparent structure, this form of organisation creates cohesion within the various departments.

A green setting inspired an even greener builder – in all senses of the word

Project credits

  • Project title
  • Postcode Loterij House
  • Design approach
  • Our planet- and people-friendly office renovation for Postcode Lotterij is an ode to nature, crowned by three giant, multifunctional arum lilies.
  • Solutions
  • Offices
  • Expertise
  • Architecture
  • Status
  • Concept
  • Building surface
  • 10617 m2
  • Country
  • The Netherlands
  • City
  • Amsterdam
  • Start project
  • 2014
  • Client
  • Nationale Postcode Loterij Nederland

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