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Our futuristic interior for Shoebaloo’s PC Hooftstraat store achieves the immersive quality of a film set. Closed off from the street outside, every element – walls, floors, displays, lighting, finishes – reinforces all the others, creating the atmosphere of a different world. We designed special custom furniture – seating elements and a checkout counter – to add to the impact of the total look and feel.


Project completion

Shoebaloo B.V.

Interior design, Retail

White wonders

Completed in polyester finished in high-gloss white, our shiny seating elements and checkout counter for Shoebaloo’s PC Hooftstraat store were initially based on egg-shaped volumes. The seating elements have soft leather seats that are carefully shaped so as not to interrupt the fluid forms. The cash desk consists of two egg-shaped volumes, one placed above the other and off the floor creating a gravity-defying feeling. The volumes of this counter are sliced in various places to accommodate the till and other essential items.

New and improved

Our furniture concept for this store underwent an interesting evolution. The shop proved so successful that more seating became necessary. We therefore came up with a new element, a dynamic boomerang-shaped seat that replaced the two earlier egg-shaped ones. A new checkout counter mirrors the boomerang shape and completes the uninterrupted aesthetic. It is designed to function perfectly while occupying as little space as possible, at the same time harmonizing with the overall design scheme.

Project credits

  • Project title
  • Shoebaloo furniture
  • Solutions
  • Interior design
  • Retail
  • Expertise
  • Interior design
  • Status
  • Completed
  • Country
  • The Netherlands
  • City
  • Amsterdam
  • Start project
  • 2002
  • Completion
  • 2003
  • Client
  • Shoebaloo B.V.

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