There were several reasons for choosing the flower shape. “First of all, the flower stands for sustainability and nature,” explains Wouter Thijssen of MVSA Architects. “We wanted to emphasize the overall sustainability concept of this building. In addition, the flower symbolizes the Dutch floral tradition. The visitors of the new Holland Casino in Venlo are largely Germans. They like to come here because Dutch casinos have a more extensive range of games and are more fun than the German casinos. We symbolically remind them, through the shape and layout of the building, of a tradition that is so important to the Netherlands.”

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©Corné Clemens

Theme connects inside with outside

The interior with flower shapes was designed by MVSA Architects in collaboration with the international design agency Gensler. In the middle of the large playroom is a wooden flower stem that is 25 meters high and extends all the way to the top. This stem carries the top wooden roof construction visible in the hall, which has a chalice shape. The construction is also reminiscent of the traditional Dutch shipbuilding technique. Below that are two more roof levels, also in the shape of a petal. The facades under the three roofs are equipped with interactive LED lighting. The facades can constantly change color and thus emphasize the organic shapes and the changeable and beautiful nature. The parking areas are arranged in rounded shapes around the building. Here are large flower-shaped lanterns that light up festively in the evening.

Total concept of sustainability and identity

Everything comes together in the concept of the building: a unique identity for Holland Casino, the cradle-to-cradle wishes of the municipality of Venlo and all sustainability aspects that suit a building of our time. We have always opted for as much recycled material as possible and for material that can be reused and recycled in the future. The building is unique in the field of sustainability thanks to smart solutions, such as the use of existing wind for cooling and ventilation, the collection of rainwater for the gray water system and cooling using a heat sink installation, the application of energy-efficient installations and the generation of solar energy by means of PV foil applied to the top roof.

21 ©Barwerd_van_der_Plas.jpg
©Barwerd van der Plas

Leaf-shaped roof constructions

The roof is designed in three levels. The top roof consists of a wooden construction in the shape of a chalice. Part of the laminated beam construction has been left open, giving an extra organic look. The two underlying roofs with rounded corners are made of steel. At the front of the roof, under the chalice, part of the construction has also been left open. This has created a canopy that gives the covered “Las Vegas”-style entrance even more allure. On the lower roof are small terraces on two sides, one for visitors and one for staff.

Sustainable roofing

All three roofs are fitted with a vapor barrier foil, EPS insulation and Icopal Universal (POCB) roofing membranes. Ron Klander of Klander Dak coveringen Limburg BV explains why Icopal Universal was chosen. “The product has a long lifespan, is DUBO-certified and is gladly taken back by BMI Icopal for recycling at the end of its useful life. It is also easy to work with and the roofing membranes can be welded with a hair dryer. Something that was important in this case because open fire on the roof was undesirable in this project.” “The chalice-shaped top roof was a special challenge, not only because of its shape but also because of the slope, which is about 35 degrees in some places. To make work easier and to prevent cutting loss, we have prepared a laying plan for the roof covering in advance. That has worked very well.” After all the roofing membranes had been installed, PV foil was applied to the top chalice-shaped sheet to generate solar energy. This is glued directly onto the Icopal Universal top layer. The new Holland Casino Venlo is an iconic building in every way. A visit is also more than worth it for non-gamblers. The building on the A67 is not to be missed. And while you're there... Want to take a bet on it?

Cover S&A BZ 2022
This article previously appeared in Urban Planning & Architecture, edition Bouw & Zorg of 2022. @Stedebouw & Architectuur
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