1. Concept & Feasibility

    In order to make better buildings, we embrace parametric design. We quickly generate new concepts and feasibility studies, complete with cost calculations and – uniquely – the impact of all all zoning and other regulations. Our method allows us to rapidly assess all the factors affecting design efficiency, sustainability and livability – for example, the path of the sun, water collection, energy generation, wind impact, the soundscape and biodiversity. We generate hundreds of variations on a design, selecting only those that are most optimal and sustainable. These studies mean the time needed to optimize a design is much shorter.

    Most optimal and most sustainable

  2. Urban Design

    From adapting to the changing climate to meeting the needs of growing populations, cities face a range of challenges today. We work with local councils, stakeholders, site users and landscape architects to contribute to meeting these challenges, playing a coordinating role with other architectural offices to develop complex urban projects. We create seamless urban environments that are sustainable and inclusive, with a harmoniousbalance of built and unbuilt areas. Increasing density in some parts of a project allows us to create open, green spaces elsewhere that provide room for biodiversity, relaxation and recreation. Modulating a building as a sequence of public, semi-public, and private spaces helps us to integrate it into the local fabric. Improving the quality and experience of a total space contributes to shaping the way people move and influences their enjoyment of life and work.

    Shaping and adapting everything around us

  3. Architecture

    In order to reduce their impact on the environment, our buildings use innovative materials, harvest energy through PV cells and store water that is used to nurture green rooftops and other biodiverse areas, meeting the highest Breeam certification standards. MVSA believes that the built environment can and should enhance life, boost productivity, promote healing and contribute to the wellbeing of people and nature, society and business. Our architecture is pragmatic and also poetic. Our buildings owe their organic, sculptural presence to the pains we take to maximise views, exterior spaces, transparency and daylight. The same qualities make them easy to live with and help make them future-proof. Timelessly beautiful on the outside, our architecture is flexible and adaptable on the inside, extending its useful life.

    Adaptive, Resilient, Future-proof

    Our architecture is pragmatic and also poetic.

    • 9Atrium-7-februari-2018©suitable-images_DSF6843

      Atrium Zuidas

    • 04.2 20210321_WestfieldMallNL_JoniIsraeli-153-SWD40452.jpg

      Westfield Mall of the Netherlands

    • 03 - Holland Casino Venlo exterior MVSA Architects ©Laurens_Eggen.jpg

      Holland Casino Venlo

    • cutout Barwerd van der Plas

      De Hooch

    • 56_s3_cam005.jpg


    • Architect-Offices-ING-House-Kantoren-Amsterdam-MVSA-m10

      ING House

    • 15131648jp.jpg

      Haga Hospital

    • 49_s7_cam05_04_edit.jpg

      Casino Middelkerke

    • Sonate_Stills_fr_02

      Sonate Adagio

    • JHML1207-8220

      Kromhout Barracks

    • 0011 CSI081219_1243nab.jpg

      Ministry of Finance

    • SuperKuip-nieuwfeyenoord-entree-night.jpg

      New Stadium De Kuip

    • 01_s5_aerial_edit.jpg

      Park 20|20, The Campus

    • 2975 Terre-Bonne_DMK_IND_TBP_02.jpg

      Terre Bonne Offices

  4. Interior & Product Design

    We design all our buildings with people’s health and happiness in mind. Using natural materials, daylight and greenery, along with the most advanced climate-control technology, we shape environments that meet the highest WELL certification standards and boost enjoyment and productivity. From high-impact retail experiences to major stations, our interiors are practical, functional and fun. Consulting stakeholders and users allows us to respond to actual needs and offer the most pleasant experience possible, whether in a hospital, a home or an office. A fluid relationship between interior and exterior is central to our work. Ideally, we develop the interior of a building at the same time as the exterior. This ensures a seamlessness between the two that increases the value of both. Our flexible workplaces accommodate changing patterns of office use. They illustrate our belief that interiors should be easy to adapt, so prolonging their life and making them intrinsically sustainable.

    See a selection of interior design cases

    We adopt the same innovative, integrated design approach to our product design as we do to entire buildings. Our custom pieces for interiors fit perfectly into their context and with their intended users. Some of them acquire an independent life as furniture products. Our in-house technical skills and network of external experts endow us with the knowledge to develop the unique elements and advanced façade systems that give our buildings and interiors an individual and sustainable stamp. Our carefully executed detailing is important in transforming commonplace materials and features into attractive eye-catchers.

    See a selection of product design cases

    Functional practicality and pleasurable use

    Interior projects

    • Architect-Interior-Design-Offices-European-HQ-Calvin-Klein-Tommy-Hilfiger-kantoren-Amsterdam-Houthavens-MVSA-p2.jpg

      PVH Campus

    • 08.5 MVSA - Westfield Mall of the Netherlands - Dining Plaza ©Jon IIsraeli resize.jpg

      Westfield Mall of the Netherlands

    • Architect-Product-Design-Ahrend-Table-tafel-MVSA-p1

      Arend Table

    • The Flow Houthavens - MVSA ©Barwerd van der Plas 200602 _P03.jpg

      The Flow

    • Architect-Retail-Shoebaloo-Store-PCHooftstraat-New-Schoen-Winkel-Amsterdam-MVSA_p0©Jeroen Musch.jpg

      Shoebaloo P.C. Hooft

    • JHML1103-6609

      Kromhout Barracks

    • 005 CF012625nab.jpg

      Ministry of Finance

    • Architect-Retail-Shoebaloo-Store-Koningsplein-5-7-Schoen-Winkel-Amsterdam-MVSA-p5.jpg

      Shoebaloo Koningsplein

    • 08 - Holland Casino Venlo Interior MVSA Architects ©Barwerd van der Plas.jpg

      Holland Casino Venlo

    • Architect-Education-Hospitality-Level-Leiden-Multi-Purpose-Building-MVSA-p4

      Level Leiden

    • ©Barwerd van der Plas 200110 _P1A0384.jpg

      PVH Europe HQ

  5. Mirai

    The rapid social, environmental and technological changes taking place in the world today call for a strong response. In order to help ensure a future that is positive for all, we have created MIRAI, our innovation and research platform. MIRAI, which means ‘future’ in Japanese, reflects our aim to be at the forefront of new developments and ideas. MIRAI places MVSA in the vanguard of future design. MIRAI focuses on social issues, sustainability and circularity, climate adaptivity and technology, ecology and density, and much more besides. Our aim is always to contribute to a better world through the use of innovative, sustainable and inclusive solutions.

    Creating a better future

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