MVSA is a renowned international architecture and design firm with offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Switzerland. Our mission is to create architectural solutions that enhance wellbeing. We plan, build and design seamless environments that add functional and emotional value for those who use them, enrich their surroundings, promote sustainability and help companies to succeed. MVSA creates innovative and exciting architecture, future-proof and sustainable, within schedule and budget.

Everything MVSA designs should be future proof, contributing to a durable and sustainable society. Our solutions are the result of a collaborative, integrated design approach that embraces the entire architectural process, from first sketch to final detailing. We base each and every design on the functional needs of our client, the specific context of the project and the highest standards of sustainability. Our goal is always to mix this pragmatism with architectural poetry, to create a building that people love to use.

  • JeroenvanDam_DSC6136-10.jpg

    Rotterdam Central Station

  • Architect-Offices-European-HQ-Calvin-Klein-Tommy-Hilfiger-kantoren-Amsterdam-Houthavens-MVSA-p12.jpg

    PVH Campus

  • 01_s5_aerial_edit.jpg

    Park 20|20

  • 48_s1_cam001.jpg


  • 024_Architect-Offices-Rivierstaete-Kantoren-Amsterdam-MVSA-©Suitable Images.jpg


  • 03 - Holland Casino Venlo exterior MVSA Architects ©Laurens_Eggen.jpg

    Holland Casino Venlo

  • 085_MVS


  • 20200312_MVSA_Pulse_viewTracks_copyrightWAX.TIF

    De Puls

  • 2590g-ext-dag0008.jpg


  • 20200420 - The Flow ©Patrick Coerse.jpg

    The Flow

  • Escher_Front.jpg

    Escher Museum

  • Architect-Hospitality-Heineken-Hoek-Cafe-Hotel-Amsterdam-MVSA-3.jpg


  • Adam-Moermansk-3180_via Kawneer.jpg

    300 Moermansk

  • 10265_tilleman_20141010-0093.jpg

    Aachen RWTH

  • BPD - AIR - Sundial - CopyrightPlompmozes.jpg


  • 300-sloterdijk-geveloost_resize

    Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station

  • Architect-Education-Amsterdam-University-Library-Universiteitsbibliotheek-MVSA-p2

    Amsterdam University Library

  • 52_Atrium_Zuidas_©Ossip small.jpg

    Atrium Zuidas

  • NW_v2.jpg

    Berghaus Plaza

  • Casino Middelkerke

    Casino Middelkerke

  • 2017_02_17_MVSA_Engelmanstraat_0004.jpg


  • 09254_tilleman_20131211-0333-2.jpg

    City Hall Groningen

  • Architect-Hositality-Conservatorium-Hotel-Amsterdam-MVSA-m10

    Conservatorium Hotel

  • Architect-Retail-Shoebaloo-Store-PCHooftstraat-Schoen-Winkel-Amsterdam-MVSA-p5

    Shoebaloo P.C. Hooft

  • Crossroads_overview zuid_©MVSA.jpg


  • 20200312_MVSA_Pulse_viewTracks_copyrightWAX.TIF

    De Puls

  • EDGE_Eindhoven_Perron©MVSA.jpg

    EDGE Eindhoven

  • Architect-Retail-Shoebaloo-Store-Koningsplein-5-7-Schoen-Winkel-Amsterdam-MVSA-p13.jpg

    Shoebaloo Koningsplein

  • Architect-Offices-EMA-kantoren-Amsterdam-Zuidas-CGREA-MVSA©Barwerd van der Plas

    European Medicines Agency (EMA)

  • 15143086.jpg

    Haga Hospital

  • OH Dag cc0625.jpg

    Harbour City Hotel

  • Architect-Infrastructure-Hilversum-Footbridge-Spoortraverse-MVSA-p2

    Hilversum Footbridge

  • Building3

    Hyde Park

  • Architect-Offices-ING-House-Kantoren-Amsterdam-MVSA-p1

    ING House

  • Architect-Retail-Shoebaloo-Store-Schoen-Winkel-Maastricht-MVSA-p5.jpg

    Shoebaloo Maastricht

  • Inputplein_Cam2_©MVSA.jpg


  • tilleman_20130607-0182JP.jpg

    Jumbo and Wärtsilä

  • Kaatstraat


  • JHML1207-8290

    Kromhout Barracks

  • Architect-Retail-Shoebaloo-Store-Schoen-Winkel-Utrecht-MVSA-p1

    Shoebaloo Utrecht

  • Architect-Education-Hospitality-Level-Leiden-Multi-Purpose-Building-MVSA-p2

    Level Leiden

  • CF012503.jpg

    Ministry of Finance

  • 11269_tilleman_20131030-0609_©Ronald Tilleman.jpg


  • Architect-Residential-More-apartments-Appartementen-Amsterdam-MVSA-p1.jpg

    MORE Apartments

  • Architect-Retail-Shoebaloo-Store-PCHooftstraat-New-Schoen-Winkel-Amsterdam-MVSA_p2©Jeroen Musch

    Shoebaloo P.C. Hooft

  • 13_NCIA_©Ossip.jpg


  • 1383911.jpg

    New Babylon

  • libr-02_©JeroenMusch.jpg

    New Library Almere

  • SuperKuip-nieuwfeyenoord-entree-night.jpg

    New Stadium De Kuip

  • Architect-Residential-Pieter-De-Hoochstraat-Apartments-Amsterdam-MVSA-1-©CIIID.jpg

    Pieter de Hoochstraat

  • P1526 FLOW REAL ESTATE Plesman Plaza_Cam001_HR_20201118.jpg

    Plesman Plaza

  • HOF_108

    Prinsengracht Hospital

  • Architect-Education-Sciencepark-UvA-Faculty-FNWI-Universitaire-Faculteit-Amsterdam-MVSA-p3

    Sciencepark UvA Faculty FNWI

  • Architect-Retail-Shoebaloo-Store-Schoen-Winkel-Rotterdam-MVSA-p3

    Shoebaloo Rotterdam

  • 2_Architect-Residential-Sonate Adagio-apartments-Appartementen-The Hague-MVSA

    Sonate Adagio

  • Surinamepad_Int_Patio_Final_21-03-18


  • Architect-Offices-Terre-Bonne-Offices-Nyon-Switzerland-MVSA-p7.jpg

    Terre Bonne Offices

  • Architect-Residential-Westerdok-La-Grande-Cour-Woningen-Amsterdam-MVSA-p3.jpg

    Westerdok La Grande Cour

  • 00 20210321_WestfieldMallNL_JoniIsraeli-147-3E4A4826.jpg

    Westfield Mall of the Netherlands

  • wtc-utrecht_twelve-photographic-1-2 B.jpg

    WTC Utrecht


Our solution evolves from the questions we ask our clients, stakeholders, users and colleagues. Our office team includes exterior and interior architects, structural engineers, workspace consultants, project leaders, sustainability experts, model makers and product designers. By blending these areas of expertise, we believe we can achieve more innovative and longer lasting solutions. We work as closely as possible with our clients, contractors, and external experts to ensure a tailored, specific solution every time. Our skills include taking a coordinating design role in complex projects and we have extensive experience in new contractual forms such as public-private partnerships and design & build contracts. Since our in-house expertise allows us to manage each project from concept to completion, our clients benefit from a single contact from start to finish and a result that truly matches their needs – probably the reason why so many of them return to us time and time again.

"We search for the ‘soul’ of a commission, challenging every assumption – including our own."


MVSA employs an international team uniting various design and architecture-related disciplines. We combine a wide range of expertise with an informal working environment: we know that the best ideas emerge from a broad and open discussion.

Roberto Meyer.jpg
Roberto Meyer
founder, principal architect
Wouter Thijssen.jpg
ir. Wouter Thijssen
director, principal architect
Charlotte Griffioen.jpg
ir. Charlotte Griffioen
director, principal architect
Harry van den Berg.jpg
Harry van den Berg MArch
senior architect - teamleader
Jeroen Schilder.jpg
Jeroen Schilder MArch
senior architect - teamleader
Kees Stoffels.jpg
ing. Kees Stoffels
senior architectural engineer - teamleader
Thijs van de Straat.jpg
ir. Thijs van de Straat
senior architect - teamleader
Reijer Pielkenrood.jpg
Reijer Pielkenrood MArch
senior architect - teamleader
Freke Schalkens.jpg
ir. Freke Schalken
senior architect - teamleader
Belinda Martens.jpg
Belinda Martens
HR, financial manager
Gilan Beune.jpg
Gilan Beune
manager marketing & PR
Miranda Gruijs.jpg
Miranda Gruijs
office manager
Marith Feijen
assistent project manager
Koert Goschel.jpg
Koert Göschel MArch
Roberto Bonilla.jpg
Arq. Roberto Bonilla
modelmaker, architect
Xiaochen Che.jpg
ir. Xiaochen Che
Ana Carmen Gutiérrez Narvarte.jpg
Arq. Ana Carmen Gutiérrez Narvarte
Ricardo Schoonewolff.jpg
ir. Ricardo Schoonewolff
Huub de With.jpg
Huub de With MArch
Loek Vijgen.jpg
ir. Loek Vijgen
Lars Hammer.jpg
ir. Lars Hammer
Remco Heuvel.jpg
ir. Remco van den Heuvel
Mats Oude Groen.jpg
ir. Mats Oude Groen
architectural designer
Pip van Bremen.jpg
ir. Pip van Bremen
architectural designer
Cornee Louwerens.jpg
ir. Cornee Louwerens
architectural designer
Arnold van Duursen.jpg
Arnold van Duursen BSc
Babs Hofland.jpg
Babs Hofland BSc
interior designer
Maurice Deen
ing. Maurice Deen
senior architectural engineer, project coordinator
Jacob Sanders.jpg
ing. Jacob Sanders
senior architectural engineer, project coordinator
Ronno Stegeman.jpg
ing. Ronno Stegeman
senior architectural engineer, project coordinator
Khalid Zahir.jpg
ing. Khalid Zahir
senior architectural engineer, project coordinator
Martin Dalenberg.jpg
ing. Martin Dalenberg
senior architectural engineer, BIM coordinator
Raymond Groenewegen.jpg
ing. Raymond Groenewegen
senior architectural engineer, BIM coordinator
Mark Ohm.jpg
ing. Mark Ohm
senior architectural engineer, project coordinator
Deniz Kutlu
ing. Deniz Kutlu
senior architectural engineer, BIM coordinator
Ruud Vrolijk.jpg
ing. Ruud Vrolijk
senior architectural engineer, BIM coordinator
ing. Nico de Waard
Senior architectural engineer
Sergio Bostdorp.jpg
ing. Sergio Bostdorp
architectural engineer
Bas van 't Ende.jpg
ing. Bas van 't Ende
senior architectural engineer, project coordinator
Martijn Pietersen.jpg
ing. Martijn Pietersen
senior architectural engineer, BIM coordinator
Johan Pijl.jpg
ing. Johan Pijl
senior architectural engineer, BIM coordinator
Crishtian Diaz.jpg
Crishtian Diaz
architectural engineer
Tim Arends.jpg
Tim Arends
architectural engineer
Wessel Knol.jpg
Wessel Knol
junior architectural engineer
Fabien van Steijn.jpg
Fabien van Steijn
junior architectural engineer
Baykan Yuksel
Baykan Yuksel
junior architectural engineer
Jordy Heilbron.jpg
Jordy Heilbron
architectural engineer, BIM coordinator
Ufuk Dagdeviren.jpg
ing. Ufuk Dagdeviren
architectural engineer
Philip Lyaruu.jpg
ing. Philip Lyaruu
architectural engineer
Morena Tadros.jpg
Morena Tadros
junior architectural engineer
Pascal Wesdijk.jpg
Pascal Wesdijk
junior architectural engineer
Suzan Gruithuijzen.jpg
Suzan Gruithuijzen
junior architectural engineer
Ecem Turk
Marcel Kramer.jpg
Marcel Kramer
ICT manager
Jurriaan Meyer.jpg
Jurriaan Meyer
project assistant
Bertha Marquez Orozco.jpg
Bertha Marquez Orozco
facility manager
Eva Kloosterboer
Julia Kippers
ir. Max Henneman
architectural designer
Max Uppelschoten
Wesley van der Jagt


MVSA Architects is always in search for people with a passion for their profession for various projects of different sizes but with one common goal a high level of ambition. as well as starters as for highly experienced engineers.

Join our team as a Manager Finance & Operations

Join our team as a Business Developer / Tender Manager

Or send us your portfolio and motivation at

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