13:30-14:00 walk-in

14:00-14:05 Chairman Bas Ambachtsheer - Colliers

14:05-14:40 Keynote Erik Ubels - former CTO Deloitte and EDGE

14:40-15:25 First panel discussion -> What is the value of a smart building? (with Chris Nouveau - Microsoft, Jan Huisman - ENGIE, Martin Prins - FLOW Technologies and Ferdinand Grapperhaus - Physee)

15:25-15:40 BREAK

15:40-15:50 Solution Enappgy - Antonio Vega

15:50-16:00 Solution INGY - Sytze Terpstra

16:00-16:45 Second panel discussion -> I want a Smart Building, but where to start? (with Charlotte Griffion - MVSA Architects, Erik Feleus - Schiphol Real Estate, Eugene Stoffers - Nexton and Nicholas White - Smart Building Certification)

16:45-16:50 Closing the day chairman

16:50-17:30 Network drink

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