In the presence of the client Woonstichting Lieven de Key, developer TBD, contractor Boele & van Eesteren, and MVSA Architects, the construction site workers were honored. A festive on-site lunch was provided for the occasion.

Blok 10, at 45 meters in height, is the shorter of the two towers. The second tower, Blok 5, is expected to reach its summit of 90 meters this summer. Beneath the 8-meter high Hemboog railway arch, the towers are interconnected by the commercial base.

Crossroads, winner of Amsterdam's largest-ever housing construction tender, spans over 30,000 square meters. Strategically located in the Sloterdijk district, it addresses the challenges posed by urbanization, aiming to increase density in suburban areas while maintaining ambitious environmental goals.

The project integrates seamlessly with the Hemboog Station's arched canopy, forming a dynamic composition of geometrical forms. The development comprises two towers with distinct identities, offering a mix of residential and commercial spaces. The taller tower, at 90 meters, maximizes natural light with its slender, rectangular design, providing remarkable views and a sense of openness. The smaller tower, designed for student housing, adds architectural dimension with pronounced balconies and dynamic construction.

Crossroads is not just a development; it's a step towards a sustainable and inclusive urban future. The project is expected to be completed in 2025. We extend our gratitude to everyone who has made this achievement possible!

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