In 2023, EDGE Eindhoven will open its door to a new generation of workers and residents.  With a strong focus on sustainability and wellbeing for both types of users, the new building will reset the standards for the office market of Eindhoven. Located around the central train station, an easy commute is ensured and made even more attractive by a new public green route towards the Dommel river passing through the buildings of EDGE Eindhoven. EDGE Eindhoven will consist of two buildings; one building offering 25.000 m2 office space, featuring a stunning transparent green atrium, and the other building offering 14.500 m2 residential space with 175 impressive private sector apartments.

The perfect union for EDGE

The smart city in the south of the Netherlands is the perfect location for our next EDGE building. After already developing two other projects in Eindhoven for separate tenants, Rabobank and The Central Government Real Estate Agency, EDGE is proud to develop yet another smart building. EDGE is aiming to reach both BREEAM Excellent (sustainability) and WELL Core & Shell Gold (wellbeing) certifications. For EDGE’s Senior Commercial Manager, Bernhard Kerkhoff, it was only a matter of time for EDGE to come to Eindhoven, “We always wanted to have an EDGE in the tech hub of the Netherlands and are very proud that we can open our doors in 2023. This city has brought so many great minds together, whether that’s in the tech field or design, Eindhoven is the place to be for innovation, so our development here makes complete sense.”

Sustainable working and living in the heart of Eindhoven

EDGE aims 25% of the materials used in the construction to be circular, recycled or recyclable materials. Everything will be documented in the Madaster material passport bearing in mind the vision that the building can be dismantled without loss of material value. All water facilities, like drinking fountains, toilets, faucets and showers will take measures to save up to 40% of drinking water. As the rooftop will be fully landscaped, irrigation will come from rainwater saved by and stored underground. On the rooftops, additional PV Panels will be placed to add to the energy efficiency of the building and allow an energy saving of at least 30%.

“This future-proof, mixed-use complex where you can live, work and unwind is an asset for the entrance and skyline of Eindhoven. High quality materials and surprising details ensure a seamless connection with the adjacent river Dommel. With this building situated in the heart of Eindhoven, we have created a unique architectural solution that enhances wellbeing.” – Roberto Meyer, MVSA Architects

Amenities and spaces for tenants, residents and the public

As light is very important for daily performance, the façade is designed so that all spaces receive plenty of natural daylight. But not only will the façade offer plenty of light, the atrium will also feature an artwork installation connecting to the City of Light. EDGE Eindhoven will also offer parking for 252 cars and more than 1.000 bikes, with ample charging stations for both to encourage electric mobility. Furthermore, the building will have a restaurant offering healthy and fresh meals, fully equipped smart meeting rooms, a large event space, lively shared and open spaces, an energizing coffee bar, green rooftop terrace and a completely kitted-out gym. This ensures an optimal environment for the residents and users of EDGE Eindhoven to live and work at their best, surrounded by features and amenities supporting their health and wellbeing, monitored by EDGE’s smart infrastructure. Within the office building, EDGE Eindhoven will also provide shared spaces where everyone can come together – the EDGE Concept Spaces. Visitors, guests and tenants can use these areas to meet, engage in short work sessions or catch up with colleagues and guests.

EDGE Eindhoven is expected to be completed by Q3 of 2023 and will offer the availability of 25.000 sqm LFA of office space to interested tenants. To also fit with the current demand of global companies, the lease-contracts will be flexible to support your company as needed.

This prestigious project in the Eindhoven is made possible by the partnership between EDGE, ASR as buyer, the legal counsel by AKD/PWC, and the advice by CBRE and Verschuuren & Schreppers. Together we are excited to welcome our first tenants in 2023.

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