Sustainable Cities & Climate adaptation: Switching links

Tuesday, June 14th
Arcadis, Arena

Climate adaptation is playing an increasingly important role in building design. Fred Schoorl (BNA), Niels van Geenhuizen (Arcadis), Hans Goverde (Kraijvanger) and Wouter Thijssen (MVSA) discuss the impact of climate adaptation on the designs of 'their' buildings, public space and the area. Arcadis launches the Sustainable Cities Index every two years. A ranking of a hundred world cities in the field of sustainability with the pillars: People, Planet and Profit. Climate adaptation plays an important role in this index.

In the discussion we go deeper into sustainability in the Greenport Venlo and Holland Casino Venlo project. The BNA uses so-called 'value cases' to investigate the contribution of design to, among other things, ecological, social and economic values ​​in the built environment, including the Venlo city office. In this session we bring together the different scale levels of climate and sustainability impact and we look at the demonstrable impact on the design per case. From claim to proof!

ArchitectenTalks over Rembrandt Park One en Berghaus Plaza

Wednesday, June 15th
11-11B Vastgoedmarkt

Together with the developers, the successes, but also bottlenecks- and points for improvement for future transformations will be discussed. Led by Mats Bartels, investor, developer and podcast host; Berghaus Plaza (MVSA) - Wouter Thijssen; Rembrandt Park One (Boelens de Gruyter) - Mark Blommensteijn; Cengiz Caglar, Gemeente Amsterdam; Nabila Bouabbouz, Gemeente Amsterdam

Wouter Thijssen

Architecten presenteren hun plannen voor gemeente Amsterdam

Wednesday, June 15th
11-11B Vastgoedmarkt

13.00 - 13.20 Hogehilweg 3

13.05 - De Zwarte Hond
13.15- Hollandse Nieuwe

13.25 - 13.40 Karspeldreef 6

13.30 - MVSA (Freke Schalken, senior architect- teamleader)

Freke Schalken

Nature: the key to future-proofing your building?

Wednesday, June 15th
12-52 Physee

Join us for a discussion streamed live from the PROVADA 2022. Charlotte Griffioen (Architect-Directeur - MVSA Architects), Sander van den Heuvel (Head of Acquisitions – Round Hill Capital) and Oindrila Ghosh (Solution Architect - SENSE by PHYSEE) will deep dive sustainability, holistic building design, nature inspired A.I. and ESG.

If you are not able to visit the PROVADA that day, don't worry: the discussion will be livestreamed.

Charlotte Griffioen
Provada plattegrond
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