The logo

As architects, we mark spaces, buildings, philosophy but also time. The use of our new monogram ensures the legacy of MVSA over time. We want to design buildings for the future that people love to use and label the uniqueness with a stamp. This recognizable stamp ensures a stable anker point of our identity as an institute. Functional and pragmatic, as well as emotional, due to the empty space that represents room of expression that gravitates around MVSA.

Everything – and nothing – can fill the space of expression within the dots. For MVSA, they show that we are not constrained, but offer flexibility for the rationalist and the believer. From today on, the logo can be recognized as part of a building instantly flagging it as MVSA. Giving legacy to MVSA over time and generations.

The website

MVSA’s legacy is incorporated in our new website as well, where both realised and unrealised projects that we are proud of are featured. For years, we have created architectural solutions that enhance wellbeing. It is what connects us to our projects and to our clients.

It’s all made possible by our talented team with a collaborative, integrated design approach that embraces the entire architectural process. We base each and every design on the functional needs of our client, the specific context of the project and the highest standards of sustainability and usability. Our in-house expertise allows us to manage each project from concept to completion and to work as closely as possible with our clients, contractors, and external experts to ensure a tailored, specific solution every time.

Our new website gives insight into how we obtain this with the expertise of our talented team. Dualism, function and form, reality and imagination. It has been realised in collaboration with award-winning digital design agency Fabrique.

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