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  • Building surface

    17.000 m2

  • Client

    Municipality of Groningen

A public face

The larger atrium on the east side of the building is open to the general public, and so forms the city council’s public face. Lit by daylight and featuring an indoor garden, the atrium is a bright, friendly space for both office staff and city people. There are various places to meet, including information desks and consulting rooms. We carefully placed these meeting areas so as to limit additional security measures to a minimum, to preserve the building’s approachable character.

Daylight and greenery

On the west side of the building, the second atrium is smaller and intended as a meeting place and lunch area for city staff. Like the larger atrium, it introduces abundant daylight and greenery into the building, creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere and encouraging interaction.

A bright, friendly space for city people and office staff

New ways of working

Our flexible design concept ensures that the building easily unites its functions – private offices plus public and semi-public spaces – under one (partly glass) roof, and that it will be able to adapt to any future developments in organisation and operation. The layout was inspired by new work-style concepts. In our design, activity-based workspaces are spatial building blocks that can be moved, mixed and matched throughout the building’s overall grid.


City Hall Groningen: Interior design


    Municipality of Groningen


    17.000 m2





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