A startling design

It was love at first sight from the moment that the architectural firms MVSA Architects and Gensler, together with the engineering firm Arcadis, presented their elegant design to the operators. Finally, it goes without saying that the architecture of a casino exudes an atmosphere of luxury and glamor that attracts the attention of every passer-by. There is no shortage of passers-by anyway, because the building is strategically located on the A67. Thus, it is easy to reach and can offer sufficient parking spaces to the visitors. Parking is also free.

LED for messaging and animations

Not only the playful shape of the architectural gem charms from the first moment; the LED lighting on the outside of the building also leaves an unforgettable impression. The special thing about the masses of lights is that they are also suitable for displaying messages or even animations.

08 - Holland Casino Venlo Interior MVSA Architects ©Barwerd van der Plas.jpg
©Barwerd van der Plas
13 - Holland Casino Venlo exterior MVSA Architects ©Barwerd van der Plas.jpg
©Barwerd van der Plas

Dutch identity

The central theme of the beautiful new building is the tulip. No other flower has shaped the history of our country like this. She was once almost our downfall, but at the end of the tulip mania, we embraced the colorful flower and it became a national symbol. You will often encounter the tulip shape in the new casino building. In the spring, the area around the building should be full of color thanks to two huge bulb fields. Not only will there be flower boxes, but even the asphalt at the parking lot contains a biological structure that promotes the growth of the bulb flowers. Finally, there is a huge tulip as a central eye-catcher within the arcade.


We live in the 21st century and that means that sustainability is high on the list of priorities in new construction. The 9,500 m2 Holland Casino Venlo is no exception to this rule. Not only the fact that the outdoor lighting is done with the help of cost-effective LEDs, but also the collection of rainwater for reuse has a positive effect on our environment. In addition, about one third of the concrete for the building comes from demolition material. With a relatively small amount of concrete and a large volume of wood from sustainably managed forests, maximum comfort and eco-friendliness are ensured here.

07 - Holland Casino Venlo exterior MVSA Architects ©Jan Maarten Lieverdink.jpg
©Jan Maarten Lieverdink
23 ©Barwerd_van_der_Plas.jpg
©Barwerd van der Plas

A thriving industry

Casino games are gaining in popularity. Much of the recent focus has been on online casinos, as a result of new licensing laws and debates about whether or not to play at a gaming house that does not have a casino license. However, this has also fueled interest in trying casino games in real-world settings, especially as leisure facilities are slowly reopening after the difficult times of 2020 and 2021.

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