Blauwe Kamer Yearbook 2014

The new Yearbook Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning 2014 by the Blauwe Kamer was presented last Saturday (13-12-2014) at Rotterdam Centraal station. With 25 selected projects in five different themes/chapters the publication covers the status of the Dutch urban landscape and design offices in that field.

In the chapter ‘Station Central’ the topic of ‘transit oriented development’ is addressed. The editorial committee chose two projects to illustrate the importance of the public transit a green and sustainable urban planning and the mobility issues to accompany this.
About station Rotterdam Centraal: “Team CS realized a spectacular plan for the station and its surroundings which has brought the station out if its isolation and reintegrated it into the city”, thus the committee writes. The first copies of the new publication, with the project Rotterdam Centraal on its cover, were presented to Astrid Sanson (dienst Stadsontwikkeling, gemeente Rotterdam) Tjerk Ruimschotel (BNSP) en Frans Boots (NVTL).

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