During the opening ceremony, Leise talked about the unique construction of the new Casino, which has a total surface area of ​​10,584 m2, where there are more than 550 slot machines and 45 gaming tables. Leise: “Holland Casino Venlo is the most sustainable casino in Europe and is built according to the cradle-to-cradle principle, without making concessions to the guest experience, allure and appearance of the building. The route that bats fly has been taken into account, we collect rainwater for our gray water system and there are no fewer than 7,000 LED lamps on the outside of the casino.”

For the design, we explicitly looked at what the guest likes. Leise: “We started on the inside. What do guests want and how do they walk through a casino? The unique and innovative layout of the casino was designed by Gensler who took inspiration from the Dutch floral landscape. We have tendered the construction locally and regionally. It is a real landmark in a prime location where guests lack nothing. Others see it too: Holland Casino Venlo was nominated in April 2022 for the best overall casino in Europe. We finished second, after the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco. We are very proud of that.”

Holland Casino opened in July 2021, but due to the COVID measures, there was no traditional Grand Opening. Construction on the new location started in November 2018. Forty percent of the expected annual 600,000 visitors come from Germany.

HC Venlo Cijfers_0
Infographic about the first year since the opening in July 2021
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