Wonderwoods by MVSA Architects + Stefano Boeri Architetti is the 'Overall Winner' of the MIPIM / The Architectureal Review Future Projects Award. “Wonderwoods is a proposal that brings greenery and nature to the heart of the city, in this case Utrecht in the Netherlands, a confluence of roads, railways and waterways.”

The project that will be built in Utrecht consists of two ninety-metre high towers. The complex will be housing, offices and public facilities. The ambitions for the facade are special, the architect promises a green facade for the first tower that absorbs 5.4 tons of CO2 per year. A large green atrium will be built in the second tower.

The jury panel commented: “By bringing biodiversity to the city, the complex aims to become the center of a healthy district. The first tower, designed by Stefano Boeri, treats nature as an essential element in architecture. The other by MVSA is outgoing, forging connections between nature on the inside and outside of the building.”

Connection with nature

The jury wrote that the connection between city and nature was a striking factor in the winning entries. For example, the prize winner in the Hotel & Leisure category is Tropicalia. The hotel designed by Coldefy & Associés comprises a 20,000 square meter double dome. The dome houses a tropical forest, waterfall, Amazon fishing pool next to an auditorium, restaurant, the hotel rooms and a laboratory.

MIPIM/ The Architectural Review Future Project Awards

This year's MIPIM / The Architectural Review Future Project Awards is in partnership with MIPIM, the annual real estate festival in Cannes. The event attracts around 20,000 international visitors. Prizes were awarded to 21 projects divided into sixteen categories. The competition focuses on distinguishing in unrealized or unfinished projects. The jury pays attention to the impact that the projects will have on the surrounding community.

This year's jury chairman is the editor-in-chief of Architectural Review Paul Finch.

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