Fascination for technique

Roberto Meyer, Founder and Principal Architect and Charlotte Griffioen, Architect-Director of MVSA share a fascination for technology with their approximately 70 colleagues. Roberto: “When I started in 1984, the projects were smaller and we puzzled over how to actually make a design. That fascination has only grown as the buildings became more complex.” Charlotte: “When I was 16 years old and saw Roberto give a lecture on the completion of the ING House, I knew what I wanted to do. Of course I thought it was a beautiful building, but it was only when I heard how every detail had been thought of, how sustainable it was designed and what systems it contained, that it became interesting to me.”

Solving the puzzle together

“We don't just want to seduce with pretty pictures,” says Roberto. “The basis has to be right, that's where the plan starts for us. Because if that's not right, you won't have any money left over for the facade that you have in mind.” Charlotte: “That's why we enjoy working with a contractor from the start of a design. They look in a different way. This combination of insights ensures that you tackle a lot of issues in your preliminary phase, which would otherwise bother you during the construction process. We have already solved a number of puzzles together with Boele and we like it very much. There is mutual respect which makes working together very pleasant. We know what we have in common.”

"Boele comes up with a solution that fits within our vision. Not necessarily cheaper or more expensive, but a solution that within the image we have in mind."

Roberto Meyer - Founder and Prinicipal Architect MVSA Architects
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Stretching the boundaries

Roberto: “Even so that we sometimes change materials in our designs because Boele indicates that this is technically better or that it is necessary to choose another supplier. They come up with a solution that fits our vision. Not necessarily cheaper or more expensive, but a solution that fits within the image we have in mind. A recent example is the Crossroads framework. These are now made in steel, while we thought this would be too expensive. I am very satisfied with the result.” Charlotte: “Sometimes we come up with things that we know are cutting edge. Because there are many competent people at Boele, we dare to push far. In this way we stretch the boundaries together. Pushing is also part of my role as an architect.”

Advanced BIM-Organization

When asked what characterizes Boele & van Eesteren, Charlotte answers: “Boele is progressive in their BIM organization. The process is very clear and that works very well. All relevant parties are represented in this and mutual communication about the models is very easy. We know exactly what to sign for another party and what we need together to have a good substantive discussion about the best solution.” Roberto: “We believe in an integrated design approach that encompasses the entire architecture process. From sketch to final detailing. That is why we have many different expertise in-house and we work closely with parties such as Boele.”

"Boele is progressive in their BIM organization. The process is very clear and that works very well."

Charlotte Griffioen - Architect-Director MVSA Architects

The future is hybrid

When asked how Roberto and Charlotte see the future, Roberto answers: “The trend of factory production continues. This makes everything on the construction site faster, you are less dependent on subcontractors and you can better deal with the nitrogen problem. Obviously not for all types of assignments. Sometimes customization is necessary. Especially in the high segment.” Charlotte: “We also see an increasing demand for mixed-use buildings. While investors used to find it uninteresting, that sentiment has changed. For us, this means that we are getting more and more requests for buildings that can easily be transformed into another function. And that is another interesting technical puzzle that we are happy to tackle.”

About MVSA Architects

MVSA is a renowned international architecture and design office with offices in the Netherlands and Switzerland. Their mission is to create architectural solutions that improve well-being. Everything that MVSA designs must be future-proof and contribute to a sustainable society. The solutions are the result of a collaborative, integrated design approach that spans the entire architectural process, from initial sketch to final detailing. MVSA Architects and Boele & van Eesteren are currently working together on De Hooch, Sonata, Wonderwoods and Crossroads.

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