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De Hooch ‚Äď our new, eight-floor residential block ‚Äď has its entrance on the Pieter de Hoochstraat, while backing onto the canal-facing Hobbemakade. Sandwiched between these two streets, our building acts as an extension of the Teniersstraat. While De Hooch fits in beautifully with the 19th-century architecture of the exclusive Museum Quarter neighbourhood, it also adds a contemporary accent with its fluid, organic lines, transparency and abundant greenery. An inner green courtyard provides a lush, landscaped outdoor living area for residents, while inside the apartments are light and spacious, with wonderful views of both the stately Museumplein and the tree-lined canal fronted by the Hobbemakade.


Project completion

Steenvastgoed Projectontwikkeling
Kondor Wessels Vastgoed

Building surface
12,300 m2


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Museum Quarter monuments

De Hooch is located in one of Amsterdam’s most picturesque, prestigious and popular neighbourhoods, the Museum Quarter. This centrally located area is clustered around the city’s major cultural sites: the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum, Van Gogh Museum and the Concertgebouw, which are dotted around an expansive, open square (Museumplein). These world-leading institutions set the tone for the stately, harmonious quality of the surroundings.

The Museum Quarter is the most exclusive part of one of the city’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, Oud-Zuid. It connects seamlessly with Amsterdam’s own quadrilatero d’oro, the stylish fashion district extending from the P.C. Hooftstraat, with its high-end flagship stores, to the Van Baerlestraat and the Willemsparkweg.

The Museum Quarter marks an important moment in the history of Amsterdam. It’s an honour for us to add to that with De Hooch.

A classical context

In designing a building for this beautiful part of Amsterdam, we wanted to ensure that our structure would be visibly and tangibly relevant to the residents and the environment. Therefore we thoroughly immersed ourselves in the essence of the context.


Above all, what characterizes the architecture of this neighbourhood, the result of the city’s 19th-century urban expansion, is classicism, which is everywhere expressed in the façades and materialization. The existing buildings are classically structured, standing on high plinths of natural stone, with the brickwork above featuring refined detailing and culminating in a specially designed top section.

In order to design a future-proof building of exceptionally high quality, in keeping with its context, we used the same structure in the concept for De Hooch, but with innovative materials ‚Äď chosen, of course, to harmonize with the environment.

In our new take on Museum Quarter classicism, the plinth remains natural stone, but the brick has been replaced by an exclusive ceramic material, while the top of the building becomes highly transparent.

Double dimensional

De Hooch has an extra intrinsic quality: the superb sightlines, all the way to the Museumplein and the Rijksmuseum. The location is unique: the Hobbemakade generates the dynamism of the inner city, while on the Pieter de Hoochstraat side the neighbourhood has a more tranquil atmosphere, evoking a small village with all kinds of facilities directly around it.

Both dimensions ‚Äď dynamism and tranquility ‚Äď are involved in the design. On the Hobbemakade, De Hooch joins the cityscape with a high plinth which adds a pronounced social function as another element in the lively urban environment.

On the Pieter de Hoochstraat side, we have created more contrast. Encouraged by the beautiful light, the sightlines and the views, we have added more transparency to the fa√ßade. Additionally, there are outdoor spaces, which are surrounded by, and provide views of, abundant greenery ‚Äď both through the expansive green courtyard, and the built-in planters on the balconies with their uniform planting.

The luxury of space

Living in De Hooch is all about carving your own space within a pleasantly hectic corner of the city: space for liveliness, for socializing, for relaxation, and for rest.

Our transparent building has eight layers, seven of which are intended for exclusive homes of an outstandingly high quality. The spaciousness of the building invites prospective residents to live on a grand scale, in one of 28 sophisticated apartments with completely customized finishing.

The smallest apartment is a generous 170 m2, and the largest nearly 300 m2. This spaciousness offers every opportunity for creating large living spaces with multiple bathrooms or kitchens, a sauna or a private gym.

Under the building there will be a private, two-layer parking garage.

Integrated planters: Pieter de Hoochstraat

The façade along the Pieter de Hoochstraat will have a transparent, open look and feel. Floor-to-ceiling frontages with a one-piece balcony and floor will be constructed with built-in planters, lending the apartment complex a playful and green appearance.

French balconies: Hobbemakade

The façade along the Hobbemakade will have a more closed-in look and feel, yet with defined, eye-pleasing detailing thanks to the use of beautiful ceramic materials. This façade will incorporate characterful oriel windows and French balconies, along with similar elements already used in neighbouring properties on the street.

Social space: the ground floor

On the ground-floor level along the Hobbemakade, a huge space will be created covering 800 m². This has been earmarked for a social function, to be determined in close consultation with the future residents. It could become a physiotherapy clinic, a dental practice, or an art gallery, for example. Its exterior will be finished in natural stone.

Lobby love

In our concept, we paid great attention not only to matters like materialization and detailing, but also to the notion of ‚Äėfeeling good in your own home‚Äô. That‚Äôs why we shaped the transition from public to private into gradations, so that residents can feel safe in their own domain just a few steps from the street.

We achieved this through interventions such as a lobby of over 250 m2 on the Pieter de Hoochstraat side ‚Äď the most exclusive lobby in the Netherlands.

For De Hooch residents, the lobby becomes the place to meet and greet, or linger over a glass of wine. The lobby is a space to encounter other residents and receive guests outside the home, yet in complete privacy. The lobby has a fireplace, a bar, a lounge, a meeting room and numerous other functions. You can grab a coffee here or throw a party, all within your own familiar residential environment. The lobby becomes the epicentre of interaction between the residents, and also the atmospheric portico of their own private domain.

Project credits

  • Project title
  • Pieter de Hoochstraat
  • Design approach
  • In Amsterdam‚Äôs cultural heart, our new development of 28 apartments offers spacious luxury and views of the Rijksmuseum and Museumplein ‚Äď plus a fresh take on the exquisite 19th-century architecture of the chic Museum Quarter neighbourhood.
  • Solutions
  • Residential
  • Expertise
  • Architecture
  • Status
  • In progress
  • Building surface
  • 12,300 m2
  • Country
  • The Netherlands
  • City
  • Amsterdam
  • Start project
  • 2013
  • Completion
  • 2022
  • Client
  • Steenvastgoed Projectontwikkeling
  • Kondor Wessels Vastgoed

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